Intermediate 7- Video Assistente di volo

Intermediate Level Lesson 7 - Intermedio Lezione 7

Intermediate 7- Video Assistente di volo
Video and Listening - Air Hostess
Video e ascolto - Assistente di Volo

Listen to the following dialogue about Natasha Skilow.  Try to answer the 3 questions below the first time you listen.
Ascolta il seguente dialogo di Natasha Skilow.  Prova a rispondere alle 3 domande qui sotto la prima volta che ascolti.
Useful Vocabulary:
Vocabolario utile:
airport terminal
available - disponibile
Caribbean - Caraibi
flexibility - flessibilià
unusual - insolito
patience - pazienza
delays - ritardi
First aid - Pronto soccorso
emergency procedures - procedure di emergenza
training - formazione
to unscrew - svitare
landing - atteraggio
scary - pauroso
day off - giorno di riposo
sick - ammalato
discounted - scontato

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1. How long has Natasha done this job?
Da quanto tempo Natasha fa questo lavoro?
She has done this job for 12 years.
2. She has been to a lot of countries.  Which 8 countries does she talk about in the dialogue?
È stata in molti paesi.  Di quale 8 paesi parla nella registrazione?
France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, America, Dominican Republic and Barbados.
3. What 4 qualities does she say are useful for this job?
Quale 4 qualità dice che sono utili per questo lavoro?
The four qualities she says are useful for this job are: flexibility, patience, knowing a language and knowledge of first aid.
Listen again and decide if these statements are Trueor False?
Riascolta e decidi se queste affermazioni sono Vero o Falso?
 1. Natasha is an air hostess.
 2. She works for Virgin Airlines.
 False.  She works for British Airways.
 3. She chose this job because she'd visit lots of countries.
 False.  She chose this job because a friend told her about job vacancies at Birmingham airport.
 4. She has never been to the Caribbean.
 False.  She has been to the Dominican Republic and Barbados in the Caribbean.
 5. She trained for 5 weeks.
 6. During the training she had to learn fire procedures.
 7. On average she flies twice a week.
False.  On average she flies 3 times a week.
 8. The shortest day is 9 hours and the longest day is 17 hours.
 False.  The shortest day is 9 hours but the longest day is 18 hours.
 9. She's never had a cold in the 12 years she's worked as an air hostess.
False.  She gets lots of colds.
 10.  She has stayed in some great hotels.
 True.  She has stayed in some fantastic hotels.

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Listen once more and answer the following 4 questions.
Ascolta ancora una volta e rispondi alle seguenti domande:
 1. Why is flexibility important in this job?
Perché la flessibilità é importante in questo lavoro?
Flexibility is important in this job because your roster changes and you work unusual/strange hours.
2. Write down the funniest moment she has ever had at work.
Scrivi il momento più comico che ha mai avuto sul lavoro.
Her funniest moment was when a passenger unscrewed his leg in front of her and gave it to her to put in the overhead storage!
 3. Describe the scariest moment she has ever had.
Descrivi il momento più spaventoso che ha mai avuto al lavoro.
The scariest moment she has had is when they had a problem with one of the engines.  The landing was very heavy and fire engines and ambulances were waiting for them at the airport.
Click here only if you want to see the dialogue.
Clicca qui solo se vuoi vedere il dialogo.
Interviewer: Hello Natasha, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. You're an Air Hostess, aren't you?
Natasha: Yes, I am.
Interviewer: I'd really like to know more about your job. What airline do you work for?
Natasha: British Airways
Interviewer: How long have you worked for British Airways?
Natasha: I've worked there for 12 years now... a long time.
Interviewer: It is a long time. Why did you choose this job?
Natasha: Well, you would think it's because you get to visit lots of countries, but actually I met a friend in a disco who was working at Birmingham airport and she told me they had jobs available. I actually worked in the airport terminal for the first year, I started flying after that.
Interviewer: So what countries have you visited?
Natasha: Oh, all Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy... All of the popular holiday destinations. We also fly to America, I often go to Orlando and New York. I quite often fly to the Caribbean too, the Dominican Republic and Barbados.
Interviewer: What qualities do you think are important for someone interested in doing this job?
Natasha: Flexibility is very important. My roster changes a lot! Plus the hours are very unusual. It's normal for me to start work at 2 o'clock in the morning so you need to be flexible! I think patience is important too because there are obviously delays, knowing a language or two definitely helps and knowledge of first aid is good too.
Interviewer: Right, can you tell me a bit about the training.
Natasha: We trained for 5 weeks. It included first aid, customer services, emergency procedures, a lot of the training was practical. I remember the fire procedures.
Interviewer: What has been your funniest moment so far?
Natasha: I remember a passenger asked me to put his leg in the overhead storage. I thought he was joking, but he unscrewed his false leg off in front of me and passed it to me!
Interviewer: Oh no, and what has been your scariest moment so far?
Natasha: We had problems with one of the engines on a flight to Switzerland. An airplane has 2 engines so you can still fly but the landing was very heavy, fire engines and ambulances were waiting for us. That was quite scary.
Interviewer: Tell me about your roster. How often do you fly?
Natasha: On average I do 3 flights a week, but I regularly fly more than that. The shortest day is 9 hours, the longest day is 18 hours. I get 36 days off a year.
Interviewer: What would you say is the worst thing about your job?
Natasha: You're always tired because of the time differences and strange hours, you get lots of colds and I don't like 'standby'.
Interviewer: Standby?
Natasha: Standby is when you're at home but they can call you to do a flight if someone is off sick so you can't relax.
Interviewer: That must be hard, but I believe you get some good perks too. Tell me about those...
Natasha: We get discounted travel of course, and I've stayed in some fantastic countries and hotels.
Interviewer: Finally I'd like to ask your favourite destination!
Natasha: I have 2 actually, for relaxation I think the Maldives are the best but for an active holiday with shopping and theme parks then Orlando in America is great.
Interviewer:  Thank you very much Natasha for giving us some information about your job.
Natasha: You're welcome.

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