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I had lots of questions about English. My teacher liked the fact that I had so many questions and really helped me! I had already studied it for 4 years at different schools and using various books. I can honestly say that this was very clear, enjoyable and because I work strange hours it was perfect for me.

Luca - Padova

I found English difficult at school. After I did this course it was very clear and I had a lot more confidence. I had an English literature exam in June and passed easily.
Gianluca - Firenze

I found the course really helpful especially the pronunciation which for me is the hardest part of learning English and my vocabulary has grown lots too.
Giacomo - Firenze

I wanted to study English intensively but didn't have a big budget so I chose this course. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation - it's brilliant!
Tiziana - Verona

I found the written articles in the course really interesting, I learned more than just English studying with this course! I was also impressed with the conversation lessons, it was really clear and great to have someone correct my mistakes and tell me why it was wrong. Thank you!

Chiara - Rimini
I want to use just one word to describe the course - fantastic!
Sergio - Padova

I studied for 30 minutes a day and after 3 months I felt happy to talk to people on the telephone. I now know I was making lots of mistakes before! The best thing about the course is that every lesson is different.

Albano - Mestre

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  • Prenota una lezione di conversazione con noi. Scrivici una mail a e specifica il giorno e l'ora che ti va meglio. La prima lezione sara sempre una valutazione del tuo inglese. Alla fine ti invieremo un programma personalizzato delle lezioni da studiare.
  • Insegnanti di madrelingua, altamente qualificati.
  • Lezioni della durata di 45 minuti ciascuna tramite Skype.
  • Prezzi. Scegli tra: 1 lezione 25 euro, 5 lezioni 115 euro, 10 lezioni 215 euro. Ti invieremo una fattura tramite Paypal. Non occore che tu abbia un conto con Paypal per utilizzare questo servizio.

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